Writing a compelling blog post

Leave felgue a Message 4 ways to write a compelling post! But, it does require the writer to have a compelling grasp on what he or she wants the content to say, how it is to be said and the method of delivery wanted. If you start with the fact that, except for new writers, you may know a lot already about the audience and what they are generally searching for.

Writing a compelling blog post

They were; know your audience, talk in the present tense, have an opinion, be concise engage your readers. When I wrote the post, it was before most even in the SEO industry had got to grips with the idea of Content Strategysomething that many still fail to grasp even today.

But as time has gone on a few things have happened in the world, not least of which are the growth in smart device use and the growth in social media both globally. So with this in mind, here are my 8 lessons for writing compelling content.

Visualise Your Readers As digital marketers, web designers etc. With writing content the idea is the same, although we need to think about the users objectives when they searched and found your content — were they looking for information or looking for a service?

Also we need to consider who they are. For example, on SEO Andy and here on Boagworld, the target is broadly everyone involved in the web, but on Headscape and RedStar where I work we are targeting people who want to buy. So we need to consider, before we start writing, who we are targeting and what tone or type of information they want and need.

Write to be Engaging Writing content for engagement can be difficult at times, you want your audience to read every word you write, you want them to leave comments and talk about your post on social media. But before I go on, know that there is no goose laying a golden egg for engagement, this said there are some tips I can give you to help you create engaging content.

Have a drawing introduction — As with many things on the web, your article has only seconds in which to make an impression and the user decide to read your article or not.

Tell a story — When someone is looking for a service, such as web designthey will look at your testimonialsportfolio and your case studies. Each of them tell a story, an anecdote that the reader can latch onto and remember.

It will make your service page or your blog much more engaging to the reader and ender them to read more. I mean that you should always leave the reader wanting to know more, if you can master this art users will leave comments, tweet you and otherwise contact you.

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Make Content to be Scannable Very few pieces of content written which are longer than words will be read word-for-word by all of your users, indeed taking a look at analytics you will no doubt find that around 15 to 20 percent of users will actually be on a page long enough to read everything.

This means your content must be scannable, formatting your posts correctly with clear headings and subsection dividers your user can quickly scan the content to find the details they want to read about.

In a long post like this, it can be very important. Have an Opinion This ties in neatly with engaging your readers. If you want to write a compelling piece of content which sells you, your service or simply makes others want to comment you need to have an opinion, you need to be definitive and an authority.

And if users do disagree, they will probably comment on your posts, meaning it gets more interaction — the more interaction in your comments the more likely your post is to rank.Aug 18,  · This entry was posted in Writing and tagged author, James R.

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As bloggers, writers and authors, their main goal is to provide compelling content to their audience. Content that provides information, content that inspires action and content that makes them happy.

writing a compelling blog post

A good piece of article or blog post is the one that brings a smile to the reader’s face. Writing an effective blog post that catches the attention of the audience. Headlines will always be the most important part of a blog post. Other than that, the formatting of the post is equally important.

Writing compelling content for a Blog Post or Web page shouldn’t be as daunting a task as put out to be.

writing a compelling blog post

But, it does require the writer to have a compelling grasp on what he or she wants the content to say, how it is to be said and the method of delivery wanted.

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