Why havent we seen better gun control laws

This particular incident, in its savagery and scale, will likely be the tipping point for an honest political conversation about gun control laws has been reached. This is a moment of crisis and as in all crises, it offers a chance for the country to reshape this discourse and hopefully, take steps to ensure that such massacres do not occur again. I believe this is the time for stronger gun-control laws.

Why havent we seen better gun control laws

Please feel free to chime in and correct me or add to the work. Article is improved by your attention to detail, can I suggest we hold discussion here as well as in the comments?

Why havent we seen better gun control laws

I think we need - better references for Martin Bryant's record of police interview, the proportions of types of guns destroyed in the buyback, and the 'incentives' applied to the State governments to sign on to the NAF.

Recent changes by Gun suicides fell by a certain percentage for about 3 years after Total suicides actually rose higher for the same years after A number of pro-control people eg Ozanne-Smith claim the reduction in 'gun deaths' as the number 'lives saved'.

Is this fair or not? An unknown number of shooters committed suicide in the years after I knew one myself, and another one was reported in writing, by a person I know as a member of his family who took the compensation for his Grandfather's shotgun then bought a bottle of whisky and a rope, and hung himself.

Is this man's life then a life saved by gun control? Following an anti-gun report on a current affairs program, a person travelled to Tasmania and bought a gun by the method shown on the program, and killed himself.

The coroner found that the man acted on a script provided by the program. Newstext Please make a case for the spin put on these statistics; otherwise I will just revert.

They resumed falling after that as government poured resources into suicide prevention. Australian shooters approach the political clout of the NRA?

I suppose if you count 'political sympathisers' to mean actual shooting activists it might be so, but this refers to political sympathisers such as politicians and journalists.

These people have had to be very discreet indeed about their support. I will add this sentence back unless the editor defends the deletion. The information is correct- I mean, even the PM is an acknowledged shooter Clay Targets, I believe yet the political situation prevents him from publicising this or openly advocating liberalisation of the existing firearms laws.

Commander Zulu talk I've heard nothing about it, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. Nevertheless the usual suspects objected in the media.

Then again, it's not like I've looked very closely, but you'd think they'd be making more note of it if they were getting funding from the government "These range improvements made possible by a grant from the State Government" or something like that.

However, I know that real shooters vary all the way to support of extreme controls, so whatever you really are is OK with me. I will continue to try and frame writing from an objective position, and I approve evidence-based controls myself.

Half a bill would solve a LOT of problems, and I really doubt that much is being spent though I would be not at all surprised to see tens of millions.

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Show us the references! I have found the following: The following is their response: AISL is a company limited by guarantee comprising five full Member organisations: I'm familiar with the Australian Clay Target Association and the National Rifle Association of Australia, but I've never heard of the rest of them or the umbrella organisation!

This is funding for medals. Also it has to be on top of the other info whish is NSW alone. We can assume that loooking deeper would find grants in other states.

The total figure for Ausralia is likely to be around 6M, proportionally and with that peak body added. Also back in the Federation onwards section, on the formation of anti-gun groups, publication of Harding's 'Firearms and violence in Australian life' first gun control conference at UWA in All this Australian gun control activity before the mass shootings indicates a social root of gun control that is unrelated to the real magnitude of the problem of Australian spectacular gun violence.

What, therefore, drove the creation of this activist movement? This response attacked the symbol and the tool, rather than the human side, and entrenched certain assumptions about humanity such as the violent person 'just snapping' and the likelihood of ordinary, innocent people 'just snapping', quite against empirical evidence, which justifies the tool-focused approach over so many decades of activism.


The creation of activist groups in Australia, which had very modest gun violence compared with the US, speaks to the adoption of US new-class values by Australian activists. Anti-war, feminist and environmental activism go together in overlapping groups of people culturally linked by the global medium of English-language mass communication.

Due to my reading on the contagion effect I believe the hype increases the risk of copycats, just as the recent child throwing off West Gate Bridge can be traced through a chain of imitations partly facilitated by media reports.

Also for the mention of shooters after Port Arthur trying to join the Liberal Party. Further, if this is the supporting evidence for the assertion that 'media reports gave Professor Chapman wide publicity while failing to reveal his involvement in gun control activism', it is flimsy.Sep 08,  · Havent seen any yet.

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Jon79 Corporal Practice Strict Gun Control - Precision Counts! bladeracer Field . These laws do not violate the fourth amendment because if we did not check for illegal aliens we would never be able to control this growing problem.

The police have the right to check somebody for residency if they cannot show proof. Today, we’re looking more deeply at the reality behind America’s gun casualty numbers – and why allowing mass shootings to define the debate may get in the way of saving lives.

Gun control opponents say guns should not be blamed for the actions of a person. While acknowledging there was no one answer to ending this type of violence, Obama said more had to be done. Mar 26,  · Honestly this has been happening for years, not just recent months, its just recent months that this has become such a big issue because people are finally talking about it.

So we have a natural impulse to consider "reasonable gun control" efforts that might prevent such things. Just one problem, they don't work.

If gun control "worked" it would have been solved the first time we tried it and more importantly laws against shooting innocent people, especially children would also be preventing such tragedies.

Gun Control Facts: Existing Gun Laws Would Reduce Crime, But These Are Not Enforced