To my best friend

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To my best friend

Almost always I felt wonderful, and having an empty stomach most of the day allowed me to have all my energy easily available for mental and physical work.

By the 32nd day, his gum was bleeding My God, I am detoxicating my teeth. For four years he remained fearful of exerting himself, till one day he went to a Naturopath, who put him on an exclusive orange juice diet for 10 days.

FRUIT - FRIEND OR FOE - Dr. Stanley Bass: My experiences with fruit

All chest discomfort vanished and the Naturopath told him he never had a heart condition, and that his chest pains were due to gas pressure in his stomach, pressing against he heart, caused by wrong food combinations.

I asked him to ask his doctor for some names of doctors who wrote on the subject.

To my best friend

I began to go to the main public library in New York on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue on a regular basis, spending 3 to 5 hours looking through their marvelous book collection, with some books going back to the 's.

I looked up every recommendation, started to collect copious notes and began to change my eating habits drastically. I tested every diet that sounded promising. My first radical move was to go on an exclusive fresh orange juice diet for 10 days. My skin rapidly became free of all blemishes and I felt excellent.

This intensified my desire for more and more knowledge. I gave up all junk foods and ate only whole foods for about 3 years.

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Tilden, I tried my first water fast, living exclusively on water alone which I remained on for 10 days, Needless to say, my sister who was 1 year older than me thought I had lost my mind.

We were 4 children living together in our family - our parents were deceased, my mother 3 years earlier, under the legal guardianship of our uncle, who lived separately. My sister was 20, I 19, with one brother 18 and the youngest I was like a papa of our family, my sister worked daily, my sister worked part-time as a musician and we shared our meager earnings.

My sister tried to dissuade me, but my insistence, backed by my faith, prevailed. The 10 day water fast was an unforgettable experience. Since I was doing it with the only guidance from books, I was somewhat fearful at first, which I kept secret, but soon saw rapid changes in my appearance, which encouraged me to continue.

After this I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian, when I immediately received an offer to work at a hotel at a summer resort for 10 weeks. Most interesting changes occurred in me physically and mentally on this diet following the fast. I soon developed a sense of smell like a bloodhound.

I could tell what diseases people had just by the radiations given off by their bodies. My psychic abilities suddenly blossomed and I frequently picked up their thoughts, without trying to. My life flowed so smoothly that I was like an expanded consciousness, emotionally very calm, hardly aware of my body, which functioned effortlessly.

After I experimented with diet changes after 2 months, adding bread and some meat to my diet, I began to notice emotional changes and desires entering my consciousness and the sudden loss of my super-sensitive sense of smell.

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I felt as if I had fallen from the Garden of Eden, and longed to return to this wonderful tranquility I had lost. I knew that in the years to come I would be impelled further and further onward, in an adventure as fascinating as Ulysses' travels were to him.

His beautiful, alert expression in his photograph of his "Mucusless Duet Healing System", was very inspirational to me. He stated that all diseases were caused by mucus produced by the unnatural food eaten, and that the best and most perfect food was fruit, along with some green leafy vegetables, and that man could reach perfection on such food alone.

To my best friend

Thus began my experiments with "Fruitarianism". At intervals I went on long juice programs - some 10 days, other 20 days, several times each year.

At one point, after living on grapefruit juice alone for more than 2 weeks occasionally canned and unsweetened I noticed my gums began to bleed and swell, and when I got to about the 18th day, my teeth began to loosen in my gums.To My Best Friend, This thank you is long overdue. There are so many things I want to thank you for, and I’m sure I’m going to still be missing some by the end of this letter.

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