The effects of mcdonaldization of society

Check new design of our homepage! What is McDonaldization Theory? McDonaldization theory developed by George Ritzer draws on sociology's concept of rationalization. It is based on four principles of predictability, efficiency, calculability and control, examples of which are often seen in fast-food chains.

The effects of mcdonaldization of society

A wide range of factors have been cited in the literature for the growth of branding within the hotel industry, with virtually all authorities agreeing that the basic motive for such initiatives is increased profitability and a sustainable competitive advantage.

In this regard, Allen reports that, "What has recently come…… [Read More] Today's contemporary hotels, designed to please almost every taste and income level, are as rich in variety as in location, and quite a departure from an era marked by sameness and complacency, when downtown hotels, highway motels and resorts virtually monopolized the lodging industry.

The effects of mcdonaldization of society

One of the first companies to introduce a more sophisticated form of product differentiation to the hotel industry was Quality Inns, largely in response to the blurred consumer image that its vastly diverse properties were promoting.

Many other lodging companies have followed suit. The Marriot chain, for example, has shifted from its long-held position at the higher end of the market, by targeting the mid-priced market through its Courtyard, Residence Inn, and Fairfield Inn hotels Standard and Poor Similarly, Holiday Inn's Express Hotels cater to budget travelers while the Crowne Plaza Hotels are geared towards the upper end of the market.

ACCOR's Sofitel caters to the needs of the luxury market while Novotel and Ibis are respectively tailored for the mid-scale and economy markets. Product differentiation does not only occur within a hotel company but also within individual hotel properties.

For instance, in some of its properties, Sheraton offers executive floors designed with the needs of the business traveler in mind Although there remains a gap in the relevant literature concerning how brand satisfaction can translate into increased profitability for hotels, there are some broad generalities that can be drawn from the existing body of knowledge that can be extrapolated to the situation at hand.

For instance, Hung reports that, "A favourable image can lead to customer loyalty, while unfavourable image may lead to customer switch behaviour, brand image is even more important in service companies, where there is a lack of differentiation for customer to assess"p.

By and large, there are two main ways for hotels to differentiate their brands: In this regard, Wadsworth reports that, "The hotel industry has two ways to achieve product differentiation through branding.

You can either brand service or price. Red Roof Inn and Motel 6 brand price. Marriott, Hyatt, and the Four Seasons brand service"p.

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With respect to what a hotel brand communicates to existing and potential customers, Prasad and Dev advise that, "Hotel chains constitute a classic application.The McDonaldization thesis is a recently conceived interpretation of contemporary society that deserves more consideration from tourism researchers.

It offers an innovative but ultimately incomplete interpretation of production and consumption on board supersized cruiseships.

The McDonaldization of Society, Revised New Century Edition, discusses how McDonaldization and the broader process of globalization (in a new Chapter 8) are spreading more widely and more deeply into various social institutions such as education, medicine, the criminal justice system, and more.

George Ritzer's book serves as a brilliant eye-opener into the workings of America's consumer society. It is obvious after reading his work that very few aspects of the American way of life are immune to the sickness of McDonaldization. Globalization or globalisation is the process of interaction and integration between people, companies, and governments vetconnexx.comization has grown due to advances in transportation and communication technology.

With increased global interactions comes the growth of international trade, ideas, and vetconnexx.comization is primarily an economic process of interaction and integration that.

*Notes to Accompany Chapter 9 of Ritzer (McDonaldization) "Coping with a McDonaldized Society" *(This is from an earlier edition of the book) I.


Purpose of Chapter: A. Ritzer argues that a person's attitude about McDonald­ization will determine how he/she copes with it as it expands and tightens its influence over society.

Nov 26,  · How does mcdonaldization affect us in everyday life. How does mcdonaldization affect us in everyday life. 5 stars based on 55 reviews teacher exercise physiology topics of interest uq advisor feasibility study of restaurant management system causes and effects of poverty on society.

The effects of mcdonaldization of society
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