The case of susan essay

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The case of susan essay

The Case of Susan Smith Essay The Case of Susan Smith It made the headlines for weeks and riveted an entire nation as the drama of a mother who killed her two sons unfold before our very eyes. It was a tragedy made all the more tragic by the media that magnified every single detail of the death of two children, practically babies, at the hands of their very own mother.

On July 22,Susan Smith, then 24 years old, was found guilty of the murder of her two children, and was sentenced to life imprisonment, with no possibility of parole until after serving thirty years of incarceration.

Susan Smith drowned her babies by letting her car roll into the waters of John D. Long Lake in Union, South Carolina, while her two babies are inside the vehicle.

What made the case even more bizarre was that it was Susan who initially made contact with the authorities.

The case of susan essay

She reported that she had been carjacked and that her babies had been taken away by the alleged perpetrator. The case caught the attention of the media, and Susan Smith was seen on television left and right, making pleas for people to help her and for the suspect to return her babies unharmed.

There was a nationwide manhunt and investigation, which the entire country watched. Finally, after nine days of non-stop search, Susan Smith suddenly confessed to killing her own children.

Needless to say, the entire country was stunned.

The case of susan essay

The outpouring of grief and support changed into righteous, indignant anger. The entire American public felt betrayed and called for justice for the two innocent, helpless babies who never stood a chance.

As if the case were not strange enough, it also took on racial issues because initially, Susan was pointing to an unknown black man as the one responsible for stealing her car and taking her babies.

So for nine days, the police were on the manhunt for an African-American man, not knowing that they were in for a wild goose chase. Turns out, not only did the black man did not exist, but it was the woman filing the complaint who was the real criminal.

The question is why did Smith particularly put the blame on an African-American man? Was Susan unconsciously acting because of role stereotypes of criminals? Pollock,It is a valid question that deserves to be raised and looked at.

Why do people automatically assume that black men have more criminal tendencies? Indeed, the stereotyping exists, and can be grounds for problems later on. Nevertheless, notwithstanding the issues of race, the main crime of Susan Smith is the murder of her own babies.

And it is a horrible crime all by itself. No mother can ever think of harming her children, much them kill them with their own hands. It goes against the very nature of motherhood.

And for Susan to have killed her babies and even watched while they slowly drowned is a testament to her damaged psyche.

No mother in her right mind would ever kill her own child. While Smith may not have been insane, she is for all, intents and purposes, a broken soul. Some people believe that Susan should have gotten the death penalty for what he has done.

She showed no remorse for what she did.

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She said that she killed her sons because they stood in the way of her having a relationship with a wealthy local man. However, in spite of her own confessions, Smith plead not guilty for the murder. The defense team was bent on showing Smith as a victim.

His testimony was the single biggest factor that helped the defense avoid the death sentence for Smith. Reverend Currie also mentioned that what was chilling about Susan was her detachment about her sexual abuse.

Currie made a statement that executing Smith would only cause Union more pain. He added that life sentence would satisfy our need for justice and that the death penalty was more for vengeance, which is not ours to give.Susan reveals to you that she's an Auditory Processing Disorder.

You heard in your EDCEP College Students with Specific Needs course that a person with an auditory processing disorder periodically encounters an inability to process verbal information. troubled marriage and a wife who wishes independence.

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White Nights, first published in , is reprinted in Rachel France, ed., A Century of Plays by American Women (New York: Richards Rosen, ). 10 Glaspell, The Road to the Temple, Case of Susan Shapiro Essay “The Case of Susan Shapiro” Susan’s Behaviour Susan is a Jewish girl who is brilliant but irate tempered, complaining and conclusive personality.

Susan’s nature of expecting a predetermined behaviour from others, preconceived notions added to her conclusive attitude has become the cause of conflict in her. The Case Western Reserve University Wellness Program invites campus workgroups of all sizes to participate in a new program to build a more.

The Case of Susan Smith Essay The Case of Susan Smith It made the headlines for weeks and riveted an entire nation as the drama of a mother who killed her two sons unfold before our very eyes.

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