Royal greenland analysis

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Royal greenland analysis

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Figure 6 provided by T. Katherine Felkins is a student at the University of Missouri-Rolla. Jankovic is a materials test engineer. For more information, contact H.

The Titanic has engaged the attention of a rapt world audience for almost a century now. As the most famous and historic of all shipwrecks, it is enshrouded in a cloak of mystery and controversy; the traumatic effect that the loss of the ship had on the public at the time of the disaster has not abated, making Royal greenland analysis Titanic seem almost eternal.

Numerous plans to salvage the ship and its cargo were developed over the 73 years that the Titanic lay undiscovered 4 km below the ocean surface. It was not until that salvage became feasible, when Robert Ballard of the Oceanographic Institute in Woods HoleMassachusetts, discovered the ship's exact location as part of a joint American-French research team.

Serious issues were immediately raised over the controversial question of salvage rights, the main issue being that the wreck lay in international waters; there is no legal protection in international waters for wrecks of historical or archaeological significance.

In such cases, wrecks are subject to salvage law, which stipulates that the first salvor on the site has exclusive rights to the site. Thus, other salvors are prevented from accessing the site as long as expeditions are being planned and conducted to recover artifacts from the wreck.

Robert Ballard could not legally claim salvage rights to the wreck, since he discovered it while working on a government research project. The French Oceanography Institute, which was the French component of the joint American-French research team and had received little acknowledgement for its contribution in the discovery of the wreck, had no such constraints, however.

It was soon involved in the formation of the commercial salvage company that was to become RMS Titanic, Inc.

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More than 1, people rich and poor, representing more than 20 countries perished in the disaster. The ship had broken into two separate parts, with the stern section lying about A huge field of debris covers the ocean floor between the two pieces.

The culmination of the project would be a Titanic Memorial Museum in which all of the artifacts recovered would be kept.

Royal greenland analysis

Reaction was strong and immediate. Individuals and organizations from around the world vehemently opposed the idea of salvage work being done on the Titanicclaiming that the wreck was a grave site and should be left undisturbed as a memorial to those who died.

Such organizations as the Titanic Historical Society the largest and most senior of the Titanic enthusiast bodies of the United States and the Ulster Titanic Society of Northern Ireland where the ship was built set themselves against the salvage operation.

Robert Ballardwho strongly believes in the sanctity of the site, worked to get a U. Other individuals and institutions allied themselves with the salvage, provided that it was done well and in good taste.

They were concerned that artifacts would be sold and dispersed if a company other than RMS Titanic, Inc.

The ice sheet is melting

Interestingly, although the Ulster Titanic Society opposes the salvage of the wreck, the society believes that as long as salvage work continues, RMS Titanic, Inc.Analysis of gravity data from GRACE satellites indicates that the Greenland ice sheet lost approximately Gt (% of its total mass) between March and September The mean mass loss rate for – was Gt/year.

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Greenland is an important cog in the global climate system. The ice sheet which covers 80% of the island reflects so much of the sun’s energy back into space that it moderates temperatures.

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