Penn foster 02800601 interoffice memo

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Penn foster 02800601 interoffice memo

The President also recognizes that innovation blossoms best in an open environment, where ideas are shared freely and ingenuity from a wide array of contributors is encouraged.

OSTP in fact has three main missions, all of which are strengthened by open government. First, OSTP provides the President with advice about technology and innovation that can strengthen our economy, generate jobs, and lead to breakthroughs that can improve the lives of all Americans.

But innovation is not just about technology. The Nation can benefit greatly from innovations in the way our government institutions work, too. Open government helps OSTP fulfill this mission by enhancing data availability and information-sharing across academic disciplines, governmental bodies, the public and private sectors, and nations around the world.

Armed with the vastly expanded body of knowledge that such a network enables, OSTP and the Administration are better able to hew to reliable evidence in their decision-making processes.

Of course, the prerequisites for coordination and cooperation are communication and mutual access to relevant data, and the Open Government Initiative is designed to promote these prerequisites within the government as well as between the government and citizens.

In his inauguration address, the President promised to restore science to its rightful place in American policymaking. But this is no mere box-checking exercise for us. That is why I have instructed my colleagues to post this plan for your comments and feedback. It is not a final product but the first draft of a living document we are committed to revising and updating with your input.

Please share your ideas and help OSTP do its part in moving toward a more open government and a more innovative, productive, and participatory society. It is a means of bringing innovation to the way that government works—through transparency, participation, and collaboration. When government is more open, it can better be held to account and can deliver services more effectively and efficiently.

Open government also makes it possible to work together to devise better solutions—informed by the best science and expertise—to the challenges we confront as a nation.

Penn foster 02800601 interoffice memo

By harnessing the values of openness to the convening power of technology, we strengthen our democracy by working together towards government of, for, by, and now with the people.

The interconnectedness of our planet—which includes challenges from global pandemics to the threat of terrorism—calls for policymaking in new and innovative ways. OSTP now turns its attention to its own open-government practices. The highlights of the Plan are: We are opening up OSTP by starting to post profiles of many of our employees in their own words online in text and video so that you can know who we are and what we do.

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