Pen pal writing activity first grade

Comment on Hi August 12th, at I am interested in the Amish way of life and want to have one or two friends we like to develop if possible through email or letter. I live in Toronto Canada and if some community near hear is best. My desire is to develop a good relationship and one day in the future want to say with the family for a week or so to really do all the things they do and experience the culture.

Pen pal writing activity first grade

Orchard Books, Curriculum Developer: Melissa Mills Williams Summary: This book is a picture book that displays the differences between the life of an American boy living in a suburban community and that of an African boy in a rural African village.

The story depicts these differences through the use of illustrations. This book would be used as a base in developing a unit on families. It is excellent for comparing how cultural and geographical differences have an impact on family life. Lesson Plans Title of Lesson: Guest speaker from any foreign country.

Explain to students that they will be having a guest speaker coming to their classroom from another country. Explain to them that sometimes people from another country may live very differently than they do.

Ask the students to think of some questions that they would like to ask this person about his family, work, home, etc.

Give students an example such as "Do you celebrate Christmas? This should be done to make sure there are no questions that would be embarrassing to the guest speaker. Pass the 3x5 cards back to students. Invite the guest speaker to come into the classroom.

Explain to the guest speaker that your students have compiled some questions that they would like to learn about you and your culture.

Allow the guest speaker to introduce himself and then have students proceed with their prepared questions. You may want to have students go up and down the rows, etc. At the conclusion of the guest speaker, wrap up any questions and thank the guest speaker for coming to your classroom.

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Allow students to openly discuss what they have learned about this person's country and culture. Guide them to compare and contrast the things that are the same and different between the guest speaker's culture and that of their own. Give these Thank You notes to the guest speaker.

Examine the students' 3x5 cards. Observation of students' contributions to the guided discussion. Make notes of any students' misunderstandings. Examine the Thank You notes explaining what each student learned. Teacher will introduce the book to the students and explain tho them that this book explains the differences in the everyday lives of two young boys from two very different parts of the world.

Explain that these differences are depicted through the use of the illustrations. Tell the students that they must pay close attention to the events of the story because they will be making a list of these events at the conclusion of the story.

Encourage them to try and predict where the two young boys are from. After completing the book A Country Far Away, begin a guided discussion of the events of this story.

Ask students if they were able to predict where these two boys might be from. If any of them are correct, even as close as saying Africa and U.

Explain to students that the two boys are from a rural village in Africa, and a suburban community in the U. Have students explain the differences and similarities between these two young boys as you list them on the board.

Discuss these differences and similarities and allow students to share their ideas about the cultural diversity, transportation, families, schools, neighborhoods, etc. Have students choose one of these differences that is listed on the board. Give them a piece of paper and have them fold it in half and draw a line down the middle.

pen pal writing activity first grade

Have them draw a picture of what this would be like from their point of view on one side and what it might be like for a young boy in Africa. Have students also categorize and list three things that were similar and three things that were different on the bottom of their pictures.

Observation of students' contributions to the list and throughout the guided discussion. Making A New Friend Objective: Teacher will discuss what can be learned by corresponding through a pen pal club.

Teacher will pull down a classroom map and briefly discuss 10 or 12 foreign countries to the students to help them get an idea of what some foreign countries are like and where they are located. After completing this, teacher will have students begin writing a short autobiography about themselves describing the members of their family, interests, where they have been, favorite food, pets, etc.–Various writing activities.

–Children write to each other or pen pals, especially at the writing center. They write cards, notes, or letters and then Our first grade teachers attend meetings to further knowledge and ideas of using technology in our classrooms. Pen pals, old school style Because the activities below were developed for students in the U.K., it uses some language specific to their school system.

For example, KS1 refers to Key State 1, corresponding to children ages 5 to 7; KS2 corresponds to children ages 7 to 9.

Writing Letters in Spanish

Writing letters in Spanish is a funny activity for your students. This exercise will not just help them learn the basics on how to use the standard beginnings and endings for letters, but they will also learn how to express ideas on the paper and build correct sentences in Spanish.

First-grade students are generally just beginning to learn how to write and many first-grade teachers require the students to keep a journal of all of their writing activities. The teacher may assign various entries throughout the school year about different aspects of the seasons.

Instructional Unit Samples - 1st Grade Over the fall/winter of , the content specialists in the Standards and Instructional Support office worked with educators across the state of Colorado to build instructional units based on select curriculum overview samples.

During this learning activity, students will practice writing letters, as well as form a pen pal relationship with another student. This is a great activity to do with another class .