Music should be free

This is not the same as downloading music.

Music should be free

Should Music Be Free? Then Napster and other file-sharing sites kicked it up a notch and made it very easy to assemble a 10,song collection without spending a dime.

It raises the question: Will music lovers continue to buy music? Paying for recorded music is now, more than ever, a voluntary act. A generation gap is part of this story: Older folks, like me, had to work a couple of minimum-wage hours to buy an album.

The ecosystem of record companies, record stores, and record buyers is fading fast, replaced by a model based on free or nearly free music. Yes, the streaming companies pay royalties to the labels, but those fees are a tiny fraction of what the labels received from sales of downloads, CDs, or LPs.

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The streamers will grow rich as their subscriber bases swell, but the bands remember them? Amy Winehouse released just two albums in her tragically short seven-year career.

So if Jimi Hendrix had arrived in instead ofhe would have made one album before dying in Fans support bands by buying concert tickets and "merch.

Music should be free

A lot of anger is directed toward record labels. Sure, they screwed over countless artists, but with the old system, there was a payday and a record contract. Nowadays, most bands pay out of pocket to make recordings, which rarely make money or break even, so the bands have to stay on the road to make a living.

Perhaps the most hopeful sign for the future of recorded music is something along the lines of what singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer began with crowd funding. Jazz composer and big-band leader Maria Schneider works with ArtistShare, another fan-funding site.

Get Started with Music. If you need free music for your YouTube videos where you get to keep the ad revenue If you need music for your film or video game. No one ever had to pay for recorded music it was always "free" on the radio and the home taping of LPs, the copying of cassettes, and, later, burning CDs made buying music optional. Then Napster and other file-sharing sites kicked it up a notch and made it very easy to assemble a 10,song collection without spending a dime. Now, Spotify, BitTorrent, SoundCloud, MOG, and YouTube make music. Yahoo Entertainment is your source for the latest TV, movies, music, and celebrity news, including interviews, trailers, photos, and first looks.

I asked Schneider if she would accept a recording contract from a major label, if offered one, and even before I finished asking the question, she blurted out, "No way!Tarantino has a novel approach for trying to convert the rest of the music industry to his view that recorded music should be free, and that artists and labels should make money pretty much.

RELEVANT looks at the culture of free and how it impacts the music industry—and how downloading for free might be good for consumers and artists. Jul 05,  · Should Music be Free?

Music should be free

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Miro is a popular, free, and open internet TV application. It brings video channels from thousands of sources and has more free HD than any other platform.

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