Learning patterns essay

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Learning patterns essay

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Learning patterns essay

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Learning patterns essay

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Using Your Learning Patterns to Master Critical Writing Critical writing, like critical reading, relies on the development of intentional skills. The four learning patterns The sequential pattern This pattern seeks order and consistency..

Clear directions – “I become frustrated when the directions are not clear or do not make sense. View Essay - Learning Patterns from EXP at Ashford University. (Dynamic Learner): Sequence 33 (Use first) Precision 28 (Use first) Technical Reasoning 14 (Avoid) Confluence 16 (Avoid) Reviewing.

Intentional Learning- Final Assignment Essay. Technical Reasoning 20, and Confluence 17 - Intentional Learning- Final Assignment Essay introduction. I use Sequence and Precision on a use first basis, I use Technical Reasoning as needed, and I avoid using my Confluence learning pattern.

When I was reading the four stories from the learners in chapter three, I noticed that each of them used different patterns to write their papers.

Learning Simple math is worthwhile because every job opportunity, every household responsibly, and most every personal interest involves mathematics to some degree, also with math you can know many pattern recognition and application to basic skills.

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