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Kano model

Appearances[ edit ] In Mortal Kombat games[ edit ] First depicted in the Mortal Kombat canon as a Japanese-born American who was orphaned at a young age and fell into a life of crime, [note 1] Kano is the leader of the Black Dragon criminal empire, having been deported from both Japan and the United States, and becoming a wanted man in thirty-five other countries.

Special Forcesfreeing fellow Black Dragon cohorts No Face, Tasia, Jarek and Tremor from a Special Forces security facility under Kano model pretense that they would reform the organization, but really intending to use them as pawns to slow down any Special Forces agents who might pursue him.

They killed an entire Special Forces unit at the site of the prison break, and Kano headed to Outworld where he recovered the Eye of Chitian, an Kano model through which he would acquire incredible power. Jax gets hold of the object first and transports himself and Kano back to Earthrealm, but Kano soon escapes custody.

In Mortal Kombat 3Jax finds and rescues Sonya, but also frees Kano in the process, enabling him to escape their clutches once again. However, Sonya tosses Kano to Kano model apparent death from the roof of a highrise, but he survives and is found by Motarowho healed and then imprisoned him.

Motaro is then killed by Sheevawho in turn frees Kano from Kano model prison. During the events of Mortal Kombat: Even in the face of overwhelming odds, Kano stood ground and eventually managed to repel Princess Kitana and her Edenian-Shokan army.

After the battle, Kano declared his allegiance to the new rulers of Outworld, the Deadly Alliance.

Kano model

Before escaping their facilities, Kano explains to Taven that the Red Dragon had been experimenting on him, as well as their own clan members, in an effort to create real-life genetically engineered dragons and human-dragon hybrids, all while mentioning that the Red Dragon were trying "something new" on him, although he leaves before he elaborates on what that "something" is.

Kano plays a minor role in the story mode of the Mortal Kombat reboot of the continuity of the first three games. Kano first interacts with Sonya during the events of the Shaolin Tournament when he taunts her on the Pit bridge after she is weakened from a fight with Johnny Cage, who then defeats Kano in battle.

However, Kabal is mortified at his physical transformation and therefore furious at Kano for having sold the weapons used in the invasion, and bests him in combat and then forces him to lead him to Shao Kahn before knocking Kano out. His confirmation for the game was leaked by the German version of GameProbefore his appearance was officially announced.

However, the dagger possesses Sub-Zero and quickly injures Kano, leaving Kano to fall back as a now possessed Sub-Zero escape on keeping the dagger for his own and never return to Raiden. When Kano got injured from the battle, he retreats with one of his men.

However, having acknowledged what Erron had done, namely being careful on taking Cassie and Jacqui alive as well, Kano decided to leave and betray the gunman to death.

In other games[ edit ] Kano was among the eleven Mortal Kombat characters representing the franchise in the crossover fighter Mortal Kombat vs.

His official rival is The Jokerbut he is not playable in the story mode. DC Universein which Kano was a player character Kano originally had a large helmet with two red eyes, a concept that was dropped in favor of a smaller metal piece over his right eye.

For an intended series reboot tentatively titled Mortal Kombat 8, former Midway Games concept artist Vincent Proce "dramatically revamped" Kano from a Black Dragon criminal into a "half Japanese, half U.

DC Universe developed in its stead, and Kano was included in the game with his Black Dragon origins left intact. In all Mortal Kombat media from the first game up to Armageddon save for the Mortal Kombat filmincluding the animated series Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm and the theatrical show Mortal Kombat: Live TourKano had either had a receding hairline or been completely bald since Divizio had been going bald himself while filming for the first game and had shaved his head prior to shooting MK3 and his facial hair had regularly consisted of nothing more than stubble.

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However, in MKvsDC and the reboot, Kano was given a full head of hair and beard, and a cosmetic addition in the reboot was two large solid-black dragon tattoos that started at his chest and snaked around his arms, while his outfits in both games were throwbacks to the two-dimensional titles.

Sega Visions called the Knife Throw "a strong distance weapon and easily thrown. We [Midway] still wanted to include them in the storyline, so we had them captured. His Fatalities were far less graphic than in the first game, as he either exploded his opponent with a laser blast from his implant, or reached down their throat to pull out their entire skeleton and hold it aloft without any blood or gore present.

The game featured the unplayable hidden character Noob Saibotwho was a silhouetted sprite of Kano before being switched to a traditional ninja palette swap in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and the compilation title Mortal Kombat Trilogythe latter which featured the original MK1 Kano as a selectable along with the then-current version.

Kano was the only one of the original seven characters who was omitted from Mortal Kombat 4with new character Jarek debuting in his place. He was not as well-received as his predecessor, and has not featured as a playable in the series again with the exception of Armageddon.

His eye laser is available as a special move in Deadly Alliance, and he had a special with his knives called "Ear to Ear.

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Deceptionin which Kabal takes over as the new leader of the Black Dragon after reforming it with new characters Kobra and Kira as they feud with rival faction, the Red Dragon, but returned in Armageddon. In the sixth issue, he defeats Sub-Zero but is then beaten in battle by Sonya.

The storyline ends with the Earth warriors victorious over the Outworlders and Kano taken into custody by Sonya and Jax, but he escapes, as detailed in a mini-story titled "Breakout" that was included in the first installment of the two-issue miniseries U. Special Forces, in which Kano was not featured, as the main villain therein was an original Black Dragon character named Rojack.

Kano was a featured character in the noncanonical Mortal Kombat novel written by Jeff Rovin, which is set before the events of the first game.


He and several Black Dragon members all originals exclusive to the book are hired by Shang Tsung to locate a mystical amulet hidden somewhere in China. They come across a remote village in which Kung Lao resides, and Kano forces Kung Lao to accompany him on the journey.

He then brawls with Sonya near the conclusion but the fight is inconclusive when he flees after she is momentarily distracted, therefore evading her capture. When Sonya and Kano meet in battle, his earlier plan with Shang Tsung goes astray when he is defeated, and Shang Tsung betrays Kano by goading Sonya into finishing him; she complies by breaking his neck.

He seems to enjoy his cat-and-mouse game with Sonya, which began after he murdered her partner. Defenders of the Realmand was voiced by Michael Des Barres.Jeff Patton said,.

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