Justifying vietnam essay

The healthcare reform in the U. Not lacking in such controversy, was Vietnam War whose import on American foreign policy and internal affairs has been significant. Although the war was taking place in Vietnam, the forces at play were beyond the issues affecting the South Vietnamese.

Justifying vietnam essay

Justifying vietnam essay

The Taliban was the government in Afghanistan from until They came into power during the civil war in Afghanistan, and were detested from the world community because of their actions. The Taliban's power was taken away from them in December of by the U.

The Taliban government harbored Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaeda terrorist group. Afghanistan refused to turn over Bin Laden so the U.

This is when the Taliban's power was taken away from them and many terrorist camps in Afghanistan were destroyed. Basically negotiating with the Taliban was like negotiating with a terrorist group which is unacceptable by the United States government.

So I believe that invading the country with military forces and declaring war was the only successful decision the American government could have made. We are a very powerful country, and we couldn't allow an irrational terrorist group to disrupt our society without protecting ourselves and there being some kind of retaliation.

The war in Afghanistan has been discussed over and over whether it is a just or unjust war. There are two sides to every story, and each side makes valid points.

I happen to agree with the opinion that the war in Afghanistan was a just war. Augustine was one of the first theorists to come up with criteria for there being a just war. They were later revised and added to by other theorists. The seven properties of Jus Ad Bellum, which means justice before war, are legitimate authority, proportionality, right intention, probability of success, last resort, comparative justice, and just cause.

These are Walzer's criterion for a just war. I believe that all of these criteria were met and justified, but some have stronger arguments than others do. I believe that the criterion of legitimate authority was met. Congress also stood by his decision and supported the funding of the war and agreed with keeping soldiers in Afghanistan.

Even though the UN didn't approve of the war, I believe the United States was still justified in starting it because we had the approval and support of our government. If your own government has the authority to spend that much money on a war, it is legitimate. The criterion of proportionality was also met considering the amount of lives that were lost because of the attacks of compared to the amount of lives that were lost during the war.

About 3, American civilians were killed in the attacks of There were an estimated American soldiers that were killed in combat while fighting the war against terrorism. In retrospect, about 3, Afghan civilians died during the war, which is a higher number of civilians that were killed during the attacks on But if you look at this through a realist point of view, soldiers dying for 3, American lives is reasonable.

Bush's main responsibility is to protect the American people and our land.

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If the terrorist groups continued to invade our country and suicide bomb us, a lot more American lives would have been lost, so I believe that for America's sake, it was just to declare a war on Afghanistan for this reason.

Bush and the government also had right intention for declaring a war on Afghanistan. Bush had "declared war on terrorism". His plan was to stop terrorism everywhere, not just the United States. This is obviously a cause for the greater good of humanity.

Negotiations with terrorists can not be made by the American government because they are irrational and we don't see them as a legitimate authority. Bush had also stated "I will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons".

Our probability of success was also very high. The United States is the most powerful country in the world with one of the strongest armed forces.

We basically have access to any of the world's resources that we chose because of the wealth in our country. The United States and Great Britain both in this war together, there was almost no way that we would lose the war.

Our armies together would be unstoppable against a small country like Afghanistan. Although, they do take part in terrorist attacks, the American and British armies were able to defend themselves so those attacks.Justifying the Battle for the Falklands Essay - Justifying the Battle for the Falklands On 30th April the USA declared their support for Britain and there was a .

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If you are submitting essays to the NPEC, you may also want to make copies of the. Essay on The Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War The Vietnam war was fought by the United States between the years of and It was basically the longest war the country had ever engaged itself in. On the other hand, many think that American involvement in the Vietnam war was a justified action to take.

Strong alliance with the French. France has long been a . Vietnam, although not technically considered a war was an extended conflict that still had to be justified to an American people. The Tonkin Gulf Resolution was the identification of this extended conflict and was declared by Congress in making this conflict official.

This resolution was justified because it was declared by a competent authority [ ].

Justifying vietnam essay

USA to become involved in the Vietnam War during the s The USA’s lack of understanding concerning the situation in Vietnam during the s was a substantial factor which lead them to increase their military force in Vietnam and ultimately become involved in the Vietnam War.

However there was also a number of other factors which .

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