I am a modern day persephone

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I am a modern day persephone

Origin of the cult[ edit ] An ancient Sumerian depiction of the marriage of Inanna and Dumuzid [6] The myth of Aphrodite and Adonis is probably derived from the ancient Sumerian legend of Inanna and Dumuzid. The ruins of the celebrated temple of Aphrodite Aphakitis— the Aphrodite particular to this site— are located there.

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The cult of Adonis has also been described as corresponding to the cult of the Phoenician god Baal. Women sit by the gate weeping for Tammuz, or they offer incense to Baal on roof-tops and plant pleasant plants.

These are the very features of the Adonis legend: Walter Burkert questions whether Adonis had not from the very beginning come to Greece with Aphrodite.

Adonis's birth is shrouded in confusion for those who require a single, authoritative version, for various peripheral stories circulated concerning Adonis' parentage. The most widely accepted version is recounted in Ovid 's Metamorphoseswhere Adonis is the son of Myrrha and her father Cinyras. Myrrha turned into a myrrh tree and Lucina helped the tree to give birth to Adonis.

Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheke3. According to pseudo-Apollodorus' BibliothekeHesiodin an unknown work that does not survive, made of him the son of Phoenix and the otherwise unidentified Alphesiboea. Atallah [19] suggests that the later Hellenistic myth of Adonis represents the conflation of two independent traditions.

Alternatively the late source Bibliotheke calls him the son of Cinyras and Metharme.

I am a modern day persephone

Another version of the myth is that Aphrodite compelled Myrrha or Smyrna to commit incest with her father Theiasthe king of Assyria. Fleeing his wrath, Myrrha was turned into a myrrh tree. Theias struck the tree with an arrow, whereupon it burst open and Adonis emerged. Another version has a wild boar tear open the tree with its tusks, thus foreshadowing Adonis' death.

Both Dionysus and Poseidon fell in love with her. She would eventually marry Poseidon.

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Myth[ edit ] The Adonis River now known as the Abraham River in Lebanon was said to run red with blood each year during the festival of Adonis. Adonia The myth of Adonis is associated with the festival of the Adoniawhich was celebrated by Greek women every year in midsummer.

Dying-and-rising deity The late nineteenth-century Scottish anthropologist Sir James George Frazer wrote extensively about Adonis in his monumental study of comparative religion The Golden Bough the first edition of which was published in [32] [35] as well as in later works.

Smith concluded in Mircea Eliade 's Encyclopedia of Religion that "The category of dying and rising gods, once a major topic of scholarly investigation, must now be understood to have been largely a misnomer based on imaginative reconstructions and exceedingly late or highly ambiguous texts. Giovan Battista Marino 's masterpiece, Adone, published inis a long, sensual poem, which elaborates the myth of Adonis, and represents the transition in Italian literature from Mannerism to the Baroque.

Shakespeare wrote the poem Venus and Adonis Shakespeare Poem. Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote the poem Adonais for John Keatsand uses the myth as an extended metaphor for Keats' death.

Such allusions continue today. The Death of Adonis by Giuseppe Mazzuoli.When Persephone was born, Zeus received a troubling prophecy. Some day his beautiful innocent daughter would be taken captive by Hades, the dark god of the underworld.

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Mar 16,  · What are modern day influences from Persephone? Goddes of spring and queesn of the underworld. Please help How has ancient India influenced the modern day world? More questions Persephone presents: Oldie of the day? Answer Questions.

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This article has multiple issues. This modern interpretation of Persephone has powers that include summoning vines from the ground. Kaitlin Bevis begins the Daughters of Zeus series with a modern-day retellings of the Persephone myth.

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I am a modern day persephone

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