An examination of odysseuss brilliance in the epic the odyssey

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An examination of odysseuss brilliance in the epic the odyssey

Ithaca The legendary story of Odysseus The word Odyssey has come to mean a journey of epic proportions. The Odyssey was probably a popular story transmitted down the generations orally, with Homer writing down the story in one narrative.

The story is told by Homer in a flashback format and narrates the legendary journey of king Odysseus to return home, to his palace and family, after the Trojan War had ended.

Want to discover more myths? He was married to Penelope and they gave birth to a son, Telemachus. Odysseus was often called "Odysseus the Cunning" because of his clever and quick mind. Autolycus, his grandfather, was a famous skilled thief in the Peloponnese. The Romans transformed the name Odysseus to Ulysses and that is how he is mostly known today all over the world.

Odysseus had a proud and arrogant character. He was the master of disguise in both appearance and voice. He also excelled as a military commander and ruler, as is evident from the role he played in ensuring to the Greeks the victory over Troy, giving thus an end to the long Trojan War.

Enraged, Menelaus called upon all kings of Greece, including Odysseus, as all had once vowed to defend the honour of Helen, if someone ever tried to insult her.

Odysseus, however, tried to escape the promise made to Menelaus by feigning insanity. Agamemnon, the brother of Menelaus proved Odysseus to be lying and henceforth the legendary warrior set out for Troy, along with Agamemnon the lord of men, Achilles the invincible, Nestor he wise and Teucer the master archer, as they were called.

Ten years had passed since the Greeks attacked Troy and they were all still there, outside the strong walls, fighting with the locals, who proved themeselves brave warriors. In the tenth year of the war, Odysseus the Cunning, the most trusted advisor and counselor of king Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks, devised a plan to deceive the Trojans.

He wanted to make them believe that the Greeks had lost their nerves and had returned back to Greece. In the middle of the night, the Greeks deserted Troy leaving only a gigantic wooden horse on wheels outside the gates of the city.

When dawn broke, the Trojans were surprised to see no Greek army surrounding them, only a wooden horse. They indeed believed that the Greeks had gone and had left this horse as a gift to the gods, to give them a good sea trip.

Thus they wheeled the wooden horse into their city and started revelry to celebrate the end of the war. However, unknown to the Trojans, Odysseus had built a hollow into the wooden horse to hide there a few Greek warriors.

This plan was the only way to gain entry to the city that had held its defenses for so many years. Now that they were inside Odysseus and his men went out the dummy horse and slaughtered the unsuspecting guards.

Then they opened the city gates and allowed the entire Greek army, who were hiding some miles away, to enter the city. Thus, thanks to the plan of Odysseus, the Greeks won the Trojan War. With the war over, Odysseus and his men set sail for their homeland, Ithaca, but in the end only one of them would come back.

The long journey home The journey home for Odysseus and his fellows would be long and full of adventures. Their eyes would see all the strange of the world and Odysseus would come home with more memories and experiences than any other person in the world.

The Cicones Odysseus and his legion set sail from Troy aboard twelve ships. Tranquil waters facilitated the movement of the ships and they were well out to sea.

An examination of odysseuss brilliance in the epic the odyssey

After a few days, they sighted land and Eurylochus, second-in-command to Odysseus, convinced him to weigh anchor, go ashore and devastate the city with the assurance that they would not be harmed. Seeing the ships weigh anchor and thenceforth the warriors coming ashore, the Ciconians, the local residents, fled to the nearby mountains.

Odysseus and his men plundered and looted the empty city. However, the men of Odysseus resisted his efforts to get them back aboard the ship immediately and after a hearty meal accompanied by wine that flew like water, they fell asleep on the shore.

Character profile for Odysseus from The Odyssey (page 1)

Before the first light, the Ciconians returned with their fierce neighbors and set upon the warriors, killing as many as they could.“If you are Odysseus of Ithica come back, all that you say these men have done is true.

Rash actions, many here, more in the countryside. But here he lies, the man who caused them all. In the first few lines of The Odyssey, Odysseus calls himself, “formidable for guile in peace and war”. Not only does Odysseus’s wittiness bring about peace, it also brings and starts wars.

From what war is Odysseus attempting to return home?

An example of Odysseus’s guile bringing war is when he finally shows his true self to . Start studying Odyssey Epic Hero. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Students should recognize that Odysseus, as an epic hero, is a model of the most admired characteristics in ancient Greece.

These characteristics include physical strength, mental quickness, bravery, respect for. The Epic Journey of Odysseus The Return Journey: Odysseus has just fought in the Trojan War he experiences fear for the first and only time in the Odyssey Tests, Friends, and Enemies: cleverly outwit their deadly songs by blocking their ears with wax.

Odysseus ties himself to the mast to hear their song and live Tests, Allies, and. What is an epic hero? Homers’ “Odyssey” is about an epic hero named Odysseus and his quest home.

“The Odyssey” begins after the Trojan war had left Odysseus trapped, pointlessly seafaring for 10 years after angering Poseidon, the god of the sea.

An examination of odysseuss brilliance in the epic the odyssey
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