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Whether you know your roommate or are meeting for the first time, living with another person is difficult at times. Open, honest and constant communication is the key to successful roommate relationships.

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I want to differentiate between the factual and the fictional parts that are contained in this short piece of writing.

Many of the places and happenings mentioned in the story can be verified in historical reports. I will show several facts within the story and will try to prove them with historical deeds. Nevertheless this story is not mainly about the war but rather about the consequences for our protagonist Harold Krebs.

Therefore I am going to describe the fictional world he lives in. Part of this are his relationships with other people and his outlook on life. After having presented the fictional world of our protagonist I am going to make a language analysis to show how Hemingway uses certain stylistic devices to stress the meaning of some passages.

The last part will be my personal conclusion of the work done. He is one of the last soldiers to come home. The first returnees have been celebrated as heroes but as Krebs arrives nobody wants to hear his war-stories anymore.

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Due to this lack of attention Krebs starts lying to be figuratively interesting to the other people, for instance the ones in the pool-room, where he spends most of his evenings. Harold starts to withdraw himself from real life. Every day he gets up late and spends most of his time in the dark pool-room.

He likes the nicely dressed young girls walking through town. He would like to have a girlfriend but he is not motivated enough to spend any time flirting with them. It is too much work for him and besides that it does not seem to be worth it.

After he has been home for quite some time his mother wants to talk to him privately while he is having breakfast. She thinks that Harold should start to find an aim in his life to strive for.

His parents have been worried about him for quite a while since he has not found a job yet like all the other soldiers have. As his mother asks if her boy still loves her, he replies that he does not love anybody but at the same moment he regrets having said it and tries to console his mother who starts to cry.

She asks him to pray with her but as it is his turn to pray he is not able to do so. As he leaves the house to go down to the schoolyard to watch his little sister play baseball he reflects what has just happened.

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He decides to go to Kansas City and to get a job there to make his parents happy. Several of the places and dates mentioned in the story are factual places where the European battles were fought.

After the strenuous and loss-making battles had been ceased many of the soldiers returned to their home countries by ship. On their return there were usually big welcome-celebrations in the harbours where the ships moored.

The returnees were celebrated as heroes by the American nation because they were the ones that ended the war and brought glory for the United States. A rather big amount of these combatants were quite young and could not cope with the cruel and horrible scenarios they had to go through.

During the war they had to face death several times a day and saw how their comrades died in the battles.

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Some of the minds of these young people just could not process these visual impacts. What makes this situation of the youth even worse are the circumstances they had to face on their return to the United States.

Many of them were not able to find a place to work because of the instable economic conditions after the war which negatively affected the labour market.

But shortly after in the year the position which America had achieved suddenly changed as the stock market crashed and the companies reacted with mass-discharges.

It is said that Krebs went to a Methodist College in Kansas[4]. It is well known, Methodism is a kind of religion that is quite common and popular in the United States.

Kansas is situated in the so-called bible-belt that describes the region of the United States where more churches are situated than anywhere else in the country.

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So it is not uncommon to go to a religious college especially not where Harold lives. Another fact mentioned is the return of the 2nd division from the Rhine in Although it is true that they were stationed in the surroundings of the Rhine River it cannot fully be founded on historical facts.

Mihiel and the Argonne. They were all actual battlefields during World War I[5]. An additionalal but maybe not such an important fact is that Harold reads the Kansas City Star[6] which is the biggest daily newspaper in the region around Kansas City which mainly means Missouri and Kansas.

On the whole there is one fact that is included throughout the story.Analysis of Chernobyl Meltdown at Analysis of Chernobyl Legacy - done by Alex Kirby, BBC, June Chernobyl, The True Story - a report by Dr.

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